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Thank you for enrolling your child into our classes at Centre Stage. We are thrilled to have you join our school and be apart of our wonderful dance family. We look forward to getting to know your children and your families.

Our READY SET DANCE & READY SET BALLET classes start from 2 years old through to 5 years (Kindy).

We want to provide you with some information that will help you as a parent/carer settle your child/ren into our classes with ease.

Settling in class

When you are a young child especially 2-5 years going to a new place can sometimes be a little scary. Although we have lovely, kind & caring teachers & staff being in a new environment that children are unfamiliar with can be a little overwhelming at times. Some children are confident and will walk in, smile, wave goodbye and have no problems saying goodbye to their Mum, Dad or carer….  then others may need some extra cuddles & attention. We like to treat every child individually and accept all children are different.

We do our absolute best to settle children into our classes with as much ease and as little tears as possible. When saying goodbye and entering through our studio doors some students may need a little extra assistance.

When joining these classes, we want to inform you all that we do not have parents in our dance room. This is purely because we like to settle the children in ourselves and we also like to keep our routines the same throughout the year. This also helps our others friends feel like they are not missing out on having their parent in the room.  

If you child is upset and crying we ask that you take your child into the waiting room, kitchen or outside to calm them down.  We will always do our best to encourage them to join in, help calm them where we can (sometimes this isn’t the case when there is only 1 or 2 teachers) or even sometimes get them just to sit down and watch some of the class.

If your child is not settling after you have tried your best to assist them, then we encourage you to either try our BaBee Boppers class (Parent Participation) or maybe even return at a later date when your child is ready to dance independently.

Although you may wonder why we don’t have parents inside the room to calm them, this is because it can be very distracting and can be quite unsettling for other students who are joining into the class to see another friend upset or even have another parent in the room. They tend to then want to see their parent too and as you can imagine we would then have a class of unsettled children.

Most children come to dance and have the BEST time, join in, make friends and cannot wait to return the next week however we do like to have strategies and policies in place to benefit ALL of our wonderful students. We appreciate your support with this and look forward to having your child in our classes soon. If there is anything you think we can do to help your child settle in please feel free to let us know prior to them attending.

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