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Ready Set Move

Comfortable and non restrictive clothing is suitable for this class. Ready Set Move T-shirts are available for purchase through our online shop. Having the t-shirt is a great way for your little one to know that it is their day for Dance. Watch their excitement and see how special they feel when it is the day they get to wear their uniform!

Ready Set Dance, 
Ready Set Ballet & Ready Set Acro


Girls can purchase the RSD dress here and will require tan ballet shoes & tan tap shoes. Tan stocking are optional and available here. Hair accessories are also available here. Winter crossovers can be purchased here.

Boys can purchase the blue RSD t-shirts here and wear black jazz shoes & black tap shoes.



Girls can purchase our pink tutus here and wear Tan Ballet Shoes. If they do RSD the same shoes will be worn in both classes.

Boys can purchase the blue RSD t-shirts here and wear black jazz shoes or black ballet shoes. 


The same uniform as Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet can be worn. It is recommended tan pumps have grips, these can be worn for other classes too. Hair should be tied back and no jewellery for safety reasons.


Mini Stars Acro

Tan Acro Pumps with grips for shoes. Students are encouraged to wear fitted clothing as they may go upside down in this class. Leotards and shorts are a great idea for this class. We do also have Centre Stage tops & shorts available for purchase throughout the year here

If your child does READY SET DANCE & or READY SET BALLET classes as well as Mini Stars Acro, they can wear the RSD uniform however no photos are to be posted to social media doing acrobats as this is not a class offered by the RSD brand. If you wish to share photos of your child doing acrobatics, please pop in a shirt or see the front desk for Centre Stage uniform options. We appreciate your support with these guidelines.

Where to buy additional
dance wear?

Sequin City

14 Dellamarta Rd, Wangara WA 6065
Phone: 9409 9369


Ballet Boutique 

157 Walter Rd West, Dianella WA 6059

Phone: 9375 7508

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