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If your child is in a Nappy we ask that you do not leave the centre.

If they need assistance on the toilet the teacher will call out to the parent to help with this. Please let the teacher know if your child is toilet training so they can remind them half way between class. If you think they will need please put a change of clothes into a glad bag and leave in their dance bag.


Please have a small bag for your child to put their shoes into. They may also bring a water bottle along too. If your child is in 2 or 3 classes we are happy if they pack a small snack in their bag for in-between classes.

Please ensure there is NO NUTS.


Drop Off

We encourage all families to arrive 5 minutes prior to class starting. Children are NOT to enter the room until the teacher have called them in. All students will line up and come into the room or up the stairs without their parents.

Pick Up

If your child is settled and doesn’t require you to stay at the centre then we ask that you MUST arrive 5 minutes prior to classes commencement.

Children will come out at finishing time and it is your responsibility to ensure you are there to safely collect. If your child does back to back classes please ensure you remind your child’s teacher if you are not staying in the centre.

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